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Texas Flip N' Move ( 2 minutes ago )

Tazergrrrl : That dinky shed ended up with an elevator and two decks!

Bee Gees One Night Only ( 3 minutes ago )

VampyreBarbieDoll : Thank you SO much, uploader. Bee Gees are my boys. I miss Robin and Mo so much. (and Andy, too) It is so sad that they left the world in the reverse order they arrived. Barry, Mo (being the oldest of the twins), Robin, and Andy. :'(

Survivor ( 4 minutes ago )

ChanceRox : I wish 4th place won, but I'm SOOOOOOOOO HAPPY the two losers received NO VOTES to win! One was extremely cocky and did nothing but sheep the winner and kiss butts and the other rode the winners coat-tails! The right person won out of the final three!

Logan ( 8 minutes ago )

birdiewolf15 : They killed everybody and violently too. Then their bodies get dumped in an unmarked grave. After the life and violence they've lived, I wanted better for them. I was hoping for a fresh start, but since this was the last time we would see Wolverine, they wanted to take it all the way. Damn. Couple criticisms were how Laura just started talking out of nowhere. And there wasn't an explanation as to why she was mute prior to that. Other one was about how the other children managed to make it to the meet up spot. Did they set up the camp or was it the people that was helping them cross the border? How did they even manage to get Canada to grant them asylum from the US. Also why did they need asylum from the US. This illegal project was conducted in Mexico. If this were something above book they would be able to do this within their own borders. This was an experiment by a biotech company. Not the US government. Why Canada would be safer for them, when the US government isn't the ones persecuting them? Pretty sure the company can just send their men across the border too. Back to the kids, how did they all manage to get to the spot? Like why was it so difficult for Laura, but the other kids managed to stay under the radar? Did they devote more resources to find her because she was more volatile and dangerous? Also I understood they couldn't kill Laura because of her healing factor, but what about the other kids? I thought the whole reason they escaped was to prevent from being euthanized. But the soldiers seemed to have been on a 'capture, but don't kill' order, when it seems like it would be more efficient to kill them since that was the original plan to begin with. Lastly, I am a little sad on how things ended. Like it was a great film, and I can see a grandiose send off would not fit with the tone and style of this movie, but come on. It has been 17 years, and these characters lived a life of suffering and pain. All their friends are dead. They were the last xmen, and probably the last time we will see anyone from the original franchise. I just wanted it to mean more, I guess.

Trash Fire ( 12 minutes ago )

BellaMia2 : If this was supposed to be funny, the writer and director (same and only person) failed miserably. I was bored, most of the time. The constant bickering between the main couple was tiresome, even extremely annoying after a while. You've got a spineless girlfriend who can't stand up for her brother, than you've got the douchebag of a boyfriend, who can't stand up for his sister. They ALL got on my nerve. Didn't like any of them, specially grandma. I would've taken care of her a long time ago, if I was Owen. In all, this was not my cup of tea.

Berlin Syndrome ( 13 minutes ago )

jblue001 : It was worth watching, but frustrating in some scenes, that could have been done differently as she was not doing logical things at some points. It did keep my interest, but I would not say it was fast paced. The lesson to take away was why would you trust a stranger in a foreign country and go to his den, the wolf in sheeps clothing. The main issue with so many films, is they lack depth and leave you hanging in not wraping things up.

Britain's Got Talent ( 20 minutes ago )

keyokey : Where was the Manchester Tribute?

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ( 23 minutes ago )

JayDavid93 : I really liked the way they did Fitz.. It was very plausible.. He didn't have this all of a sudden realization, and ish.. He was really one of the best things about this arc for me.. They really took him the the deep end.. LOL.. And, damn I didn't know Ada had this love for Fitz.. LOL.. Great Episode though..

Coopers Treasure ( 24 minutes ago )

m0n74uk : Forty minutes from six episodes made this one really big recap; I would skip every episode before this to start here.

Newton's Law ( 25 minutes ago )

ThomasinaPaine : LIKE THE SHOW. Love the pace---people instead of constant shoot'emup and other useless crapola.

Doctor Who ( 27 minutes ago )

iTommyD : The SJW influence is strong this season. Knowing this is Peter Capaldi's last season as The Doctor, and him saying ''i am borrowing from my future self, maybe ill regenerate blind'' etc.. i am worried for the future of this show.

Captain Fantastic ( 28 minutes ago )

judabar : Father and 6 kids live in the wilderness. His wife dies and they travel to the funeral. This is when the adventure starts. A one watch for me. Acing was good. Could have done more with the story content as it was totally different to anything else.

TURN ( 34 minutes ago )

nicktone : I see the is TV Show "just added" and I immediately think someone got ahold of some episodes before the release date. Unfortunately...nope. A little over 3 weeks.

The Evil Within ( 36 minutes ago )

immortaltech11 : everybody should know that this movie was fukn dope

Alien: Covenant ( 38 minutes ago )

Zoin : I have not watched this yet and have never posted before I have seen the movie I am commenting on but I have to say I see many saying "it was not as good as Prometheus" or it should have followed Prometheus's lead. Well I thought Prometheus was terrible. Very unbelievable with terrible stupid characters. I really hope this does not follow the Prometheus lead and is nothing like Prometheus.

The Killing Season ( 38 minutes ago )

xmiketheripperx : Are you kidding me! The damn phone number on the Police website is not working, so messed up. Great show

Criminal Minds ( 39 minutes ago )

Dancingirl : These 2 eps were very boring, no thrill at all.

RuPaul's Drag Race ( 46 minutes ago )

IanQuinto : Please bring her back, she deserves to be on top 3

Survivor ( 47 minutes ago )

ChanceRox : Kelley, Kimmi, and Keith need to come back! Please NEVER bring back Spencer or Tasha!! PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD KEEP THEM AWAY!

Wagons East ( 48 minutes ago )

lowoil : Good-bye John Candy, but as much as I loved your movies, this was horrible.

War Machine ( 53 minutes ago )

Madrone : I think this is Brad Pitts worst performance. Usually he does a great job at off beat characters but this portrayal didn't work well. Plus, the movie itself just didn't seem to have it's ACT together - not a war comedy, not a satire, even the dramas were forced or to thin. Kept waiting for a punch line or a gimmick or a twist or something a little meaty . . . but the end comes, the house lights come on and - nothing.

Texas Flip N' Move ( 58 minutes ago )

bevis226 : Good episode. That's so COOOOOOL I want 1 to.

Route 66 ( 1 hour ago )

Lucy18960 : I didn`t like this one as well. A fake accent, outdated values, and a rescue that never could happen.

Attack on Titan ( 1 hour ago )

cauyao615 : i wonder how old was berthold or whatever his name is when he destroyed that wall, eren was just a kid at that time but im not sure if all of them are at the same age

Dragon Ball Super ( 1 hour ago )

worksa7 : Regardless of the fact that outcome was predictable they would ask him- it's still going to make for an interesting team up to be sure.

Colossal ( 1 hour ago )

bondad : Really good film. Different from the norm, and not totally explained, but that is fine; the drama and sci fi blend well and the small cast (not counting the extras of course) did admirable jobs. hathaway was fine in the role; sad to see how chunky she has become, but she played the role perfectly. I heartily recommend this film especially if you want something a little different

Another ( 1 hour ago )

BillPigg : What you've just seen is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever watched. At no point in this rambling, incoherent movie was it even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in these comments is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King ( 1 hour ago )

MontyFly : Very and relevant. The prom story was sad but, needed to be told to get the point across. Is Hasan 'THE' cure for racism? Maybe not, but, I think he is one of the cures for racism. Very entertaining.

A Is for Atom ( 1 hour ago )

BillPigg : It was smashing! I had a good reaction. Now I'm off to the lake to go fission.

Another ( 1 hour ago )

HeatherMason : surrealistic occult horror with great visuals and atmosphere. acting is... spotty. mostly at least passable. though it had a very strong start, a few elements in the third act conspired to significantly diminish the picture for me. don't want to get too detailed or spoilery. 7/10

Breakdown Lane ( 1 hour ago )

VegasWalkinDude : A movie that doesn't know whether it wants to be a horror movie, a roadtrip comedy, a black comedy or idiosyncratic study in student filmmaking is either going to be a misunderstood classic or a crapfest of the first order. Guess where this one breaks down? I slogged through this mess. Aside from the poor acting, questionable dialogue and a motley of poorly drawn out characters, this movie shifted tones about as fast as a toddler without a nap.

A Is for Atom ( 1 hour ago )

little_poppet : fascinating; can't wait for the sequel. ;p

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit ( 1 hour ago )

moggsy71 : powerful epi, great acting all round.

Life After Dinosaurs ( 1 hour ago )

tomishereagain : Meh, that wasn't that great really. seen much better.

My 600-lb Life ( 1 hour ago )

Peace2yaa : Well, I saw nothing of "where they are now". smh...this was just both of their stories mashed together. I thought we would see "where they are today" and what progress that they have made, if any. With Dottie, I don't see much happening. She needs tons more therapy because she's obviously delusional. She don't understand how she is not losing the weight? Well she's still eating 20,000 calories a day!! Durr! The scene with the therapist made me roll my eyes because she was trying so hard too squeak out a tear or two while talking about her son. I got the feeling that she was relieved? maybe, that he was gone. Not that she doesn't miss him, I'm sure she does, but that his suffering and maybe hers, is over? Idk, I may be wrong, but that is what I was getting. Would really like too see what happened to June though. :-/

Orange Is the New Black ( 1 hour ago )

nunyabidnass : Damn it Nichols... don`t do it!!

Doctor Who ( 2 hours ago )

TheMovieGuy612 : I might be the only one to say this, but is Bill ever going to be able to go on her date without being interupted, lol?

Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush ( 2 hours ago )

Kanifuker : Such a cool movie from the 60's with some beautiful women. 10/10

Bloodline ( 2 hours ago )

maude52 : This was like watching Groundhog day except it wasn't funny and a bad version of it. I know what they were trying to do but I think this episode was useless and badly done. I still like the series!

Doctor Who ( 2 hours ago )

enlightendbel : Like I needed another reason to dislike this companion, now they go write her to be a dumb shitbag.

Route 66 ( 2 hours ago )

Lucy18960 : That was one creepy beginning, without any special effects!

Office Christmas Party ( 2 hours ago )

Prof59 : In the spirit of Horrible Bosses, Bridesmaids and The Hangover, don't expect Academy Award material. Revel in the stupid humor.

Alien: Covenant ( 2 hours ago )

darklighter1 : I don't know what you idiots expect to happen from a movie where the main star is a brainless killing machine. Are you coming to an Alien franchise flick hoping for a love story to break out? Maybe you want the xenomorph to sit back in a chair and read Edgar Allen Poe story or two? It's mindless killing and gore in each and every movie from a crew that has never heard of these things before....SURPRISE! David is an awesome villain and Daniels is a worthy new (old?) Ripley. Looking forward to the next movie. Spoiler alert! It will feature more xenomorphs and facehuggers eating and breeding on some human redshirts. So be warned morons!

4th Period Mystery ( 2 hours ago )

manditoe : Not too bad at all, one of his(Yoo Seung-Ho) earlier movies. I like Yoo Seung-Ho, I've seen quite a few T.V series n movies with him in it! Anyway I enjoyed the movie..Korea does make my fav asian shows/movies..

Kubo and the Two Strings ( 2 hours ago )

Sarsaparilla : Not a very fast paced movie, so I'm not sure how the kids will like it. A good adventure film though.

The Northlander ( 2 hours ago )

goodkarma477 : 15 minutes in and this has no direction at all, just terrible…15

A Cure for Wellness ( 2 hours ago )

Lamontii : Now that was something different. Well done! Might need some of that ancient eel juice haha!

Criminal Minds ( 2 hours ago )

Dancingirl : How stupid was she to go back home! He has their addresses, it was obvious he could go in any of them.

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Texas Flip N' Move

Tazergrrrl : That dinky shed ended up with an elevator and two decks!

Bee Gees One Night Only

VampyreBarbieDoll : Thank you SO much, uploader. Bee Gees are my boys. I miss Robin and Mo so mu ...


birdiewolf15 : They killed everybody and violently too. Then their bodies get dumped in an unma ...

Trash Fire

BellaMia2 : If this was supposed to be funny, the writer and director (same and only person) ...

Berlin Syndrome

jblue001 : It was worth watching, but frustrating in some scenes, that could have been done ...

Britain's Got Talent

keyokey : Where was the Manchester Tribute?

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

JayDavid93 : I really liked the way they did Fitz.. It was very plausible.. He didn't have th ...

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